Rowlinson Wooden Garden Chest / Storage Unit

Rowlinson Wooden Garden Chest / Storage Unit

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Safely store all your outdoor furniture, tools and accessories using this magnificent Rowlinson Wooden Garden Storage Unit. Suitable for a variety of garden settings, this affordable garden chest features a lifting lid and removable front panel to allow for easy access.


Rowlinson Garden Storage Chests Feature

  • Hinged lid with stay for easy and convenient access.
  • Removable front panel.
  • Manufactured from 12mm shiplap cladding for superior strength and stability.
  • Finished in an attractive dipped honey-brown finish.
  • Mineral roofing felt to ensure the inside of the store remains dry.


Product Dimensions



  • Height Back: 940mm
  • Height Front: 685mm
  • Width: 1380mm
  • Depth: 900mm



  • Height Max: 850mm
  • Height Min: 610mm
  • Width: 1276mm
  • Depth: 775mm



  •  Width: 1276mm
  •  Depth: 775mm


Ideal Base

  •  Width: 1326mm
  •  Depth: 825mm


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